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Contacting Saint Matthew's Churches

Phone: 918-582-7167
Emergency Prayer: 918-583-3452

Mailing Address:
Box 3036
Tulsa, OK 74101-3036

If you would like us to mail the free, glorious gospel of Jesus Christ to your neighbors, friends, loved ones or someone you think may need it, please write the names of these dear ones and their addresses on a sheet of paper and mail them to the address above.

When the church receives your list of names and addresses, we will send the gospel, free of charge, to the people on your list for as long as they want to receive it. If, for any reason, they no longer wish to receive mail from Saint Matthew's Churches ministry, they simply need to write to us and inform us of their wishes. We will then have their name and address removed from the church mailing list, but we will never stop praying for them.

Why Does Saint Matthew's Churches Have an Address in Tulsa Where the Church's Mail is sent?

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