Saint Matthews Church Prayer Rug Letter Questions and Answers

If you cant attend a service at Saint Matthews Church, a prayer rug letter can provide inspiration to pray. St Matthews Church mails out a prayer rug letter to thousands of people who receive the prayer rug and believe they have been blessed. The Saint Matthews Church prayer rug letter serves as an inspirational tool in prayer. St Matthews Church receives many questions about the prayer rug letter.

Question: Will Saint Matthews Church provide a prayer rug letter free of charge
Answer: St Matthews Church prayer rug letter is free of charge to everyone. Saint Matthews Church encourages people to use the prayer rug letter in prayer.

Question: What if Im not interested in receiving a prayer rug letter from St Matthews Church?
Answer: Saint Matthews Church asks that you simply dispose of the prayer rug letter or any other mail sermons that are unwanted.

Question: Do I have to have a St Matthews Church prayer rug letter to be able to pray to God?
Answer: No. A Saint Matthews Church prayer rug letter is simply a tool for inspiration, an encouragement to get you down on your knees and praying to God.

Question: Does St Matthews Church encourage prayer rug letter use?
Answer: Yes. Using the Saint Matthews Church prayer rug letter can inspire one to pray when they find no motivation elsewhere. St Matthews Church believes and teaches that God answers prayers. St Matthews Church will never stop preaching this message.

St Matthews Church simply strives to bring people closer to the Lord. The Saint Matthews Church prayer rug letter is one way we try to help.

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