Prayer by Letters with Saint Matthews Churches, Prayer by Letter makes attendance possible.

How does Saint Matthews Churches reach out to those who cannot attend a public worship service?

Saint Matthews Churches reaches out through Prayer by letters to those who cannot attend services. In addition to holding church services Saint Matthews Churches have for many years had a vision and ministry to reach out to those who could not attend public worship. Through Saint Matthews Churches ministry we have not only had corporate worship but we have been able to reach out to those who could not attend a normal church service through mail sermons and prayer by letters.

Saint Matthews Churches believes God's church includes the sick, the shut in, and those without transportation, who cannot get to a church building.

Ministering with compassion, Saint Matthews Churches tries to give hope to the hopeless, and strength to the weak through prayer by letters, mail sermons and scripture based letters of love. Those who cannot get to Saint Matthews Churches for any reason can still find closeness with God, and comfort in mailing their prayer by letters to the church. Through their prayer by letters those who are facing struggles can still have faith strengthened by reading the gospel contained in the church sermons by mail.

Saint Matthews Churches ministers are dedicated to reaching out to men and women with love seeking their prayers through prayer by letters, so that all who desire to do so can experience the ministry of the Word by prayer by letter rooted in the teaching and promises of the New Testament and Saint Matthews Churches beliefs.

People are told by Saint Matthews Churches that they don't have to send any money; the church will pray that their prayers by letters will be answered. These prayer by letters and mail sermons are all free and mailed out to those who cannot come to one of Saint Matthews Churches services.

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