Saint Matthews Churches Seed Faith Offerings and Church Mail. Why are St Matthews Churches Seed Faith Offerings and Church Mail sent to an address in Tulsa?

Saint Matthews Churches practices the principles of seed faith. Saint Matthews Churches board concluded, in 1970, that our church needed highly professional advice in handling seed faith offerings. After talking with many of America's leading clergy and fellow seed faith believers, almost all of them advised us to hire the Joyce and Pollard firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma, noted for its strict integrity. We followed that advice, and this relationship has served Saint Matthews Churches and our seed faith concept well for more than thirty years. Today, churches just like Saint Matthews Churches must comply with a host of state and federal laws, regulations, and requirements. Our professional attorneys handle Saint Matthews records, fill out the necessary state and federal government forms, and answer any questions that state and federal government may have about St Matthews Churches from time to time.

Mr. JC Joyce, Esq., advised Saint Matthews Churches to have the churchs mail and seed faith offerings sent to a post office box in Tulsa, and to have the mail and seed faith offerings delivered to a secular firm, completely independent of Saint Matthews Churches. In accordance with that advice, St Matthews Churches did hire a secular company to open each church letter and seed faith offering under video security cameras. Following the highest caliber recording and accounting procedures, the secular and independent company deposits every seed faith donation into a bank, and records of the checks with which Saint Matthews Churches pays church bills are kept impeccably. Not a single member of Saint Matthews Churches clergy is ever near the church tithes or seed faith offerings. There is not now, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be a Saint Matthew's Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Following is the method that St Matthews Churches follows for the seed faith donations from Saint Matthews Churches members:
  • St Matthews Churches members mail their letters and seed faith donations to a post office in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • The United States Post Office delivers the Saint Matthews Churches mail and seed faith donations to the secular firm that opens it and removes donations.
  • Seed faith donations are deposited into Saint Matthews Churches bank account from which Saint Matthews Churches writes checks from seed faith donations to pay church bills.
  • Then, and only then, every letter is sent to Saint Matthews Churches where they are read and prayer requests are prayed over five times each day.
Saint Matthews Churches has had churches in various cities throughout the years. We now have two churches and have no present plans to add more churches. The Sunday seed faith offerings at the local churches are counted by at least three people, who sign and date the proper documents pertaining to the seed faith offerings. This St Matthews Churches procedure applies only to local churches. This has been the St Matthews Churches policy on seed faith offerings for nearly three decades.

Why does Saint Matthews Churches follow this procedure? The answer is integrity. We are cognizant of the fact that Saint Matthews Churches is one of the few churches with this level of security for their national seed faith donations. However, Saint Matthews Churches chose to follow this procedure because it establishes a proven track record with the US Post Office, an independent and professional accounting firm, and the law firm of Joyce and Pollard.

As noted, Saint Matthews Churches legal counsel advised us to implement these strict procedures pertaining to seed faith donations. St Matthews Churches recommend that all ministers and churches follow these procedures.

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