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Saint Matthew’s Churches preaches the gospel through services and mail sermons.  St Matthew’s Churches is not involved in mail scams or mail fraud. St Matthew's Churches is a Christian church and takes great pride in its history. Through their ordained ministers, St Matthew’s Churches, for more than half a century, has preached thousands of biblically based sermons, baptized multitudes, and traveled millions of miles all over the world to spread the Gospel of our blessed Lord and Savior.

It is St Matthews Churches firm belief that we, like all Christians, have been commissioned to evangelize the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In The Gospel According to St. Mark 16:15, Jesus instructed: "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." Again, in The Gospel According to St. Mark 13:10, Jesus said, "And the gospel must first be published among all nations." We here at Saint Matthew’s Churches take God’s word literally. This is a very serious matter to St Matthew’s Churches.

Saint Matthew’s Churches is not connected to your local church which is also named Saint Matthew’s for the first book in the New Testament. Saint Matthew’s Churches, since 1951, has primarily grown by word of mouth, from one home telling another home, and by our free printed sermons, which are St Matthew’s Churches' home missionary program. The Biblical Seed Harvest program, St. Matthew's Churches stewardship program, is not mandatory. It is only a suggested guideline in worshiping God with your tithes and offerings.

Saint Matthew’s Churches receives tithes and offerings based on the Scriptures, and uses church donations to buy postage and printing of gospel sermons, books, magazines, and other literature that we give away free of charge. Saint Matthew's Churches does not sell anything. In its mail sermons, it preaches that God answers prayer, which the church has the right to do under the U.S. Constitution.

However, the published sermons and sacred literature sent free of charge by Saint Matthew’s Churches crosses the paths of atheists; communists; drug dealers; criminals; the lunatic fringes of society; those who hate the United States, God and Christianity and those who hate us because we are gospel missionaries.

Golda Meir, the third Prime Minister of Israel, once said, "We will not roll over and die just to make our enemies happy." The same is true of Saint Matthew’s Churches and all other churches which are wrongfully accused improperly using the mail.

Thousands of people are blessed by the church's mail sermons. Saint Matthew's Churches understands that not everyone wants to receive our literature. Some who receive one of the gospel books or sermon letters that we send free of charge – and we emphasize "free of charge" - hate gospel literature. Honest people just throw the literature into the trash if they do not want to receive it; the literature costs them nothing. St Matthew’s Churches pay all of the costs for printing the literature as well as the postage to mail it.

There are many hurting people who believe in biblical teachings and prayer, and who are grateful to receive St Matthew’s Churches church books and sermon letters free of charge. These people write back to Saint Matthew’s Churches requesting prayer; they know that God answers prayer. Because Saint Matthew’s Churches is based upon Christian teachings, St Matthew’s Churches forms a friendship with those who are interested in receiving free of charge more of the gospel of Jesus Christ, His saving grace, and His Second Coming. Hundreds of thousands have joined the church and accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

As noted, most people who do not wish to receive Saint Matthew’s Churches gospel literature simply dispose of it, never thinking anything more about it. However, there are some who wish to hurt all churches. They write or call their local newspapers or television stations and complain. Then, the newspapers or television stations take these few false claims and attack our church and other Christian churches in a way that suggests Christians engage in wrongdoing and also suggests that no one wants to receive the gospel free of charge. These newspapers or television stations often quote unnamed sources making their false claims.

The vast majority of the men and women in the press are honest. Nevertheless, all of us have seen on the news how a few news reporters have published stories about that were printed as the truth which were obviously false. No Christian church has ever been convicted of wrongdoing for believing that God Answers Prayers. Click here to learn about Saint Matthew's Churches, Mother Church, the Cathedral of Saint Matthew.

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